Settling in

Public transport: The „Semesterticket“ covers all of Saarbrücken and most of the Saarland for a single 6-month ticket. It is included in your student semester fee 208 EUR. Please visit Saarbrücken Public Transport.

GEZ: If you bring a TV or a radio (or a computer that can stream radio/TV) you need to register with the GEZ, a state-run organization that collects the fees used to finance the educational programs of public TV stations. Please visit the website of GEZ.

Student Discounts: You get all sort of discounts with your student ID, like at the movies or with mobile phone companies. Just make sure you don’t sign a contract that runs much longer than your actual stay. As for mobiles there are many prepaid offers that will not tie you to a contract.

English Speaking Physicians and Pharmacies: Please visit the website of MedKolleg.

Electricity: 220 Volt

Driver’s Licence: B

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