Who can be admitted?

Typically our students come with a very good Masters or an excellent Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. (Please note that our program is highly competitive, so you should refrain from applying if you do not belong to the top 10% or so of your class.)
We do not insist exclusively on computer science degrees. You should however have a strong mathematical background or aptitude and a clear sense of which areas will need strengthening. The preparatory phase will permit you to fill in your academic background according to our requirements. Please have a good look at our departmental webpages to get an idea of the normally expected prior training in our Bachelor program and our research profile.

If you have already done postgraduate studies, some of the coursework may be waived and the preparatory phase shortened accordingly. But this depends to a great extent on your individual academic background. Once you are officially accepted to the program you will be informed about how long the preparatory phase will be in your case.

Candidates from abroad with scholarships from their home country or from DAAD must still apply for admission to the Graduate School. It is useful to get the endorsement of a specific faculty member first.

What is the working language?

English is used in the courses, exams and administration of the program. Fluency in German is not needed in your studies or research work. However, knowing some German will help you get around everyday situations. With our help, you will have the opportunity to learn some after you get here.

How to apply?

Please go to the Application page for detailed and up-to-date information. Be sure to understand the instructions there.

Applications must be submitted via our Online Application System (OAS). First you need to pre-register your personal information like name and date of birth, as well as your address for correspondence. Then, you give some details on your previous and (if applicable) expected degrees, English proficiency and name your first and second referees. Afterwards, you upload files for your CV, transcripts of all academic records (including high school diploma), a letter of motivation for pursuing a doctorate in computer science. If you are admitted, you must present the originals to the administration upon matriculation. The letters from the two referees need to be sent to us directly (as instructed via the OAS). The completed application materials must reach us before the end of October for the admission to the following summer semester in April and by the end of April in order to be admitted in the following winter semester starting in October. You may also use the October deadline to apply for the following academic year.

What happens next?

The Graduate School’s admissions committee will review your application information and contact you via e-mail regarding the results. If you are admitted, you will be a member of the Graduate School of Computer Science and a registered student of Saarland University. Depending on your previous coursework, you will spend more or less time in the preparatory phase before taking the qualifying exam.

Information for Advisors

The Graduate School also allows for ad hoc admissions to allow for the strengths and flexibility of traditional recruiting pathways.