PhD thesis defenses

PhD thesis defenses are a public affair and open to anyone who is interested. Attending them is a great way to get to know the work going on by your peers in the various research groups. Follow this link to find the list of upcoming and past defenses.

PhD thesis proposal talks

As a milestone about one year after completing the qualifying exam, we ask all our PhD candidates to present a short thesis proposal talk (about 15 minutes plus a short question period). These presentations are organized as a regular monthly event with 6 candidates presenting their thesis on each occasion. Currently the colloquium is usually held on a Wednesday afternoon later in the month starting at 16:00h.
Doctoral students in the preparatory phase should attend these events to get an idea of the work going on in the various research groups. Advisors of the presenting students should be in attendance for the whole event; other members of the Graduate School – both faculty and students – are strongly encouraged to attend. The thesis colloquium also serves as a social event so that there will be an informal reception with refreshments and snacks afterwards to encourage discussion and connections between different research groups.
The details for each thesis colloquium will be found here.

Distinguished lecture series

4 Jul 2011 Prof. Erin Wolf Chambers, University of Saint Louis, Flows in 1-crossing-minor-free graphs

28 Jun 2011 Prof. Roli Varma, University of New Mexico, Women and Computing Education in the USA and India: A Western Problem or a Global One?

5 Jan 2011 Prof. Bianca Schroeder, University of Toronto – postponed –

24 Nov 2010 Prof. Uli Sattler, University of Manchester, Logics and Ontology Engineering

17 Nov 2010 Prof. Véronique Cortier, Université de Nancy, Verification of Security Protocols

27 Oct 2010 Prof. Dr. Christel Baier, TU Dresden, On Model Checking Techniques for Randomized Distributed Systems

4 July 2008 Prof. Gail Murphy, University of British Columbia